Create Account

To get started with Print Services, you'll need an account. If you're an AWC employee, you just need to click Windows Azure AD button to log in. An account should automatically be generated for you. If you have any issues, submit a Service Desk ticket.

This is for AWC employees only. If you're a student, learn more about student printing.

If you're an external customer (i.e. not an AWC full-time employee), you'll need to submit a request for an account


Review Available Services

Before submitting a Print Job request, you should review available services. If you have any questions about these services, please contact Print.Services@azwestern.edu.

If you're looking to submit a request for a business card, please us these forms: Business Card (Individual) and Business Card (Department). Business cards are initially processed by another department.


Submit Print Job

Once you're logged in and ready, submit a print job.